Homework October 16-20 The Odyssey

Homework for October 16-20 The Odyssey by Homer

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Monday Oct 16 complete the form for The Odyssey - An Anticipation Guide

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Tuesday Oct 17
Read the following: 
Plot Overview

Wednesday Oct 18
Read the following: 
Summary & Analysis
Books 1–2

Thursday Oct 19
Read the following: 
Summary & Analysis
Books 3–4

Friday Oct 20
Read the following: 
Summary & Analysis
Books 5–6Study for Wordly Wise lesson 5
QuizletQuiz Monday October 23

The Odyssey by Homer

Comment below and bring one interesting fact about The Odyssey by Homer to class Wednesday October 11, 2017.

Wordly Wise lesson 5 (Quiz Monday October 23) Quizlet

Wordly Wise lesson 5Quiz Monday October 23
The class will continue with the Vocabulary Contest between the Alpha (Evens) and Omega (Odds). Quizlet

NCHS and Beyond Class Schedule

Beginning-of-the-day Activity Schedule: Sept. 28, Jan. 12, March 8, and May 17. 
End-of-the-day Activity Schedule: October 6, December 1, March 9, and May 1.On October 6th, remember to complete the following and bring your NCHS and Beyond binder 

Letter to self (1st Q)Set goals (1st Q)

NCHS and Beyond Grid of Expectations for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year


NCHS and Beyond Class of 2021 (Freshman)

NCHS and Beyond: Freshman Class (2021)
Academic Components:
Letter to Self: As students enter high school, they have expectations and fears of the unknown. Allowing students to express these will help them sort out their hopes and concerns.
Set Goals: Using the SMART method, students will set goals for their high school experience. (S=specific, M=measurable, A=achievable, R=realistic, T=timely).
Learning Style Survey: Students enrolled in the Academic Proficiency class will receive this as part of the course curriculum. Those not in the class will also be able to explore their best methods of learning through this survey.
Four Year Plan: Each freshman will meet with the school registrar during fourth quarter to sign up for classes. In addition, students will review the graduation requirements for NCHS and will chart out a potential academic plan. Of course, the plan is subject to change as course offerings and the desires of the students change.
Fifth Year Plan: Each freshman will meet wi…