NCHS and Beyond Class of 2021 (Freshman)

NCHS and Beyond: Freshman Class (2021)

Academic Components:

Letter to Self: As students enter high school, they have expectations and fears of the unknown. Allowing students to express these will help them sort out their hopes and concerns.

Set Goals: Using the SMART method, students will set goals for their high school experience. (S=specific, M=measurable, A=achievable, R=realistic, T=timely).

Learning Style Survey: Students enrolled in the Academic Proficiency class will receive this as part of the course curriculum. Those not in the class will also be able to explore their best methods of learning through this survey.

Four Year Plan: Each freshman will meet with the school registrar during fourth quarter to sign up for classes. In addition, students will review the graduation requirements for NCHS and will chart out a potential academic plan. Of course, the plan is subject to change as course offerings and the desires of the students change.

Fifth Year Plan: Each freshman will meet with the school registrar to explore options for his or her education after high school.

Best Works Samples: During fourth quarter, students will choose their personal best work from among their assignments to include in their portfolio. This will be done for each class that the students take.

Reflection of Goals: At the end of the year, students will review their SMART goals to see what they have achieved and what may need adaptation.

Career Components:

NCHS is developing a career center at our school. Students will have access to this center to research career choices, scholarship possibilities, and other information relevant to life after high school. Among the activities for Freshmen are:
Career Interest Inventory and Profiler: an online inventory designed to help the student determine his or her interests and aptitude for various careers.
Career Interest Worksheet: once the inventory is completed, students will have access to a variety of worksheets and handouts designed to help them in the process of choosing a career.
Job Application: students will complete a sample job application as preparation for future employment.

Personal Components:

Awards and Certificates: as students receive awards and certificates, copies will be placed in their personal portfolios. The office will also be informed in order to include this information electronically which will assist us in preparing letters of recommendation as needed.

School/Community Activities: this list will include clubs, sports, service organizations, anything the student does to enrich his or her high school experience.

Community Service: Freshmen will complete ten hours of community service. This may include service in the student’s neighborhood, church, or community organizations. Students are required to explore and complete a variety of community service projects during high school.


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