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Ms. Johnson is an international K-12 teacher. Several cross-cultural experiences have helped her understand the importance of being a compassionate and understanding instructor. She has her MS Ed in International Education which focused on Lesson Planning Strategies for K-12 Teachers supporting English Language Learners. She has given workshops to both elementary and secondary teachers regarding this content. Her teaching certification is for Secondary Communication through ACSI.

Following several years teaching English Language Learners, and a year of teaching British Literature to students in grades 11 and 12, her teaching practice focused on discovering and using student reflection to drive lesson planning. Using Google Classroom to create forms and gathering student feedback has been a useful method of student-teacher collaboration. It has provided momentum for students to move toward their goals and has also served the school's learning outcomes regarding the implementation of technology. This reflective practice has worked across subjects as diverse as English 8, Writing for Literacy, Drama, and Consumer Math.

She currently teaches Secondary English at a K-12 school in the Olympia, Washington area. She has previously lived, worked and or studied in: Canada, Hawaii, Japan, India, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Montana, Russia, Taiwan, California, Hong Kong, Germany, China, and Cambodia.


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