Friday Sept 22 Wordly Wise Quiz 2 for English 9

As discussed in class, there will be a Wordly Wise Quiz for Lesson 2 on Friday. Many of you are participating fully in our Vocabulary game in class, be sure to speak out when you can to use the vocabulary and gain points for your team.

Rules Reminder:

Each class into two teams: Team Alpha (even class #) and Team Omega (odd class #)
  1. When a student properly uses a "Wordly Wise" word, team receives a point. 
  2. When a student notices the teacher using a vocabulary word, the first student to raise his/her hand, be called on, and say "Wordly Wise Word" repeating the word used receives a point for the team.
  3. Random, criticism of others, or repeated incorrect use of a vocabulary word may lead to a deduction of points.
The winning team will receive a numbered journal pass to be used some time in the following week. 

This game gives the student and their classmates opportunities to use and listen to the new vocabulary. The words may used in different and repetitive ways throughout the week. This ongoing game is a vocabulary learning strategy. If the word is used correctly, it will positively reinforce learning. If it is incorrectly used, this too, will be explored for deeper knowledge. 


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