September 25-29

Unit 2 Character - What is a hero?

This week we will be reading Treasure Island Chapters 1-4.

It is in the textbook and also online.

Here is a link to read it online and to listen to an audio recording if needed.

  • Tuesday Chapter 1 with a student activity
  • Wednesday Chapter 2 with a student activity
  • Thursday Chapter 3 with a student activity
  • Friday Chapter 4 with a student activity

If you are gone on Friday, with Track and Field team, please get the handout to work on while reading as homework. We will do as much as possible in class.

Wordly Wise Quiz for Lesson 3 

Monday October 2nd

Here's a link to a Quizlet for studying for this.

We will continue with the Alpha/Omega Vocabulary competition.
The winners this week
1st Period Omega
3rd Period Alpha
4th Period Alpha

Be thinking of ways you can make points for your team using the following words:

  1. allude (v) to refer to something indirectly
  2. consecrate (v) to dedicate to a cause; to set apart as holy
  3. disseminate (v) to scatter or spread widely
  4. dote (v) to show excessive fondness for
  5. exhort (v) to urge strongly; to warn
  6. feckless (adj) careless or irresponsible
  7. implicate (v) to show to be involved in something illegal
  8. lament (v) to feel or express grief
  9. monetary (adj) relating to money or currency
  10. pensive (adj) deep in thought; daydream-like
  11. stilted (adj) artificially stiff or formal
  12. pomp (n) a showy or dignified display
  13. subjugate (v) to bring under control; to conquer
  14. trauma (n) severe bodily injury; emotional shock
  15. wanton (adj) ignoring what is right; unrestrained, excessively playful or frolicsome 


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