English 9 Homework Nov 6-9

Unit 3 - Introduction to Theme

6th Monday - Be ready to discuss the difference between a moral and a theme in literature.
A moral is a simple statement that teaches a simple truth. "Those who complain most suffer least." (Aesop)
A theme is the recurring idea or central insight mirrored in the story's conflict and characters.
No paperwork needed.

7th Tuesday - Be ready to discuss the difference, in literature, between:
Explicit theme - an outright statement in a  story
Implicit theme - subtly woven into the elements of a story
No paperwork needed.

Review content from Quizlet flashcards for quiz on Wednesday morning
Unit 1 Conflict and Unit 2 Character

8th Wednesday - Be ready to discuss how the conflict, the characters and the resolution of a story can help discern the theme.
No paperwork needed.

On Thursday November 9th there will be a binder check based on the following rubric:

9th Thursday - Study vocabulary for Wordly Wise Book 9 Lesson 8 Quiz Monday Nov 13th. Use this resource Quizlet.
No paperwork needed.

Remember the components of NCHS and Beyond that are due this week.


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