English Enhancement (TOEFL) Projects

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Both Semesters you need to be participate by creating the following:

3 x Speech - This should be a fun opportunity to practice speaking in front of classmates. You may choose to perform something dramatic, make a persuasive argument, recite a story, sing a song etc. You must speak for (at least) 3-5 minutes. Cue cards are permitted. No visual aids allowed.

3 x Presentation - First, you will share something with the class - a poster, a film clip,  a picture, a lecture, a news story, a radio program - then, you will tell the class about its significance. (Why did you choose to discuss this? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to the world? Is it good or bad? How does it relate to you/your classmates/your country?) Cue cards and notes are permitted. Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes long; you should be speaking/sharing and answering questions for half of that time. (A survey or assessment component is required.)

3 x Informal Essay- Read something, watch something, or listen to something in English, then write a 1-3 page essay on it. This essay should follow the “5 Section” method: Introduction, 3 Body Sections, Conclusion, but should also contain your personal thoughts, opinions, and creative language. MLA format is required.

3 x Activity - Design an educational lesson or activity to share with the class. This may be a game, a quiz, a short project, or an interactive lecture. Activities should last between 8 and 15 minutes, and should focus on teaching or reinforcing something related to school, can include lessons in Art, Music, Sports, etc.


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