English 9 Homework January 2 - 5

Monday - Happy New Year!⏳

1. Wordly Wise 11
2. Choose Activity
Activity options:
  • Paraphrase the story Beauty and the Beast for younger students.
  • Draw a picture illustrating a scene from “Beauty and The Beast” or “When You Are Old”.
  • Write a poem entitled “When You Are Old”. 
3. Make a copy of this document and share with both your partner and sjohnson.nchs@gmail.com

1. Wordly Wise 11
2. Activity Rough Draft Complete

1. Wordly Wise 11
2. Activity Final Draft Submitted
3. Self Assess Activity Rubric for Drawing, Paraphrase, and Poem based on the following criteria (points out of 24)

1. Wordly Wise 11 Test will be Wednesday, Jan 17
2. Prepositional Phrases Individual Practice (complete worksheet for Monday Jan 8 before class).


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