January 16-19 Homework and Activities

Journal Prompts:

Tuesday - Describe the difference between round and flat characters and static and dynamic characters from specific examples in "Many Waters".
Wednesday - Explain an aspect of the role of literature and storytelling in society with a specific example.

Thursday- Give the six specific story elements of "Many Waters".

  • Title/Author
  • Plot (What happens in the story?)
  • Characters (Name and describe)
  • Setting (Where and When?)
  • Problem (Describe the conflict in the story.)
  • Solution (Describe how the problem is resolved.)

Homework and Activities:

  1. Tuesday - Complete Socratic Seminar package (4pgs) for yourself "Many Waters". Prepositions Quiz based on Friday's group work. Study for Wordly Wise 11 quiz.
  2. Wednesday - Outline rough draft on a Theme found in "Many Waters"
  3. Thursday continue on rough draft going over rubric with peer "editors" 
  4. Friday hand in the handwritten Essay Outline and Paragraph Outline of "Many Waters" based on Theme.

The student will be able to:
  1. Identify the conflicts in "Many Waters" by Margaret Deland (textbook pages 201-219).
  2. Explain the resolution of each conflict.
  3. Recognize the significance of the title. (Song of Solomon 8:7 and  Prov 28:13)
  4. Describe how the characters and conflict reveal the story's theme. 
Email sjohnson.nchs@gmail.com if you would like a pdf of your own "Many Waters".
Another link to "Many Waters". It is the last story (page 327 of 378) in the collection https://archive.org/details/shortstoryclass02corpgoog


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