The Prince and the Pauper Multiple choice quiz

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1.Edward VIPrince or Pauper
2.Tom CantyPrince or Pauper
3.What animal does Edward share a bed with?Rat, Cow, Cat, Dog
4.What decorated the streets of London?: Decapitated heads on pikes, Royal Flags, Banners, Gallows
5.What did Tom do with the Great Seal?Crack nuts, Weight paper, Open Window
6.What does the king use instead of the Great Seal?The lesser seal, His Signature, A Ring, A Stamp
7.What is the job of the whipping boy?To be whipped for the prince's mistakes, Kitchen Help, Horse Cleaner
8.What language does Miles pretend to speak?Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic
9.What language does Tom speak?English and some Latin, English only, Latin only, Greek only
10.What language do the thieves sing in?Cant, German, Russian, Chinese
11.What languages does Edward speak?English/Greek/Latin, German/Russian/Chinese English only, Latin only
12.Who believes Edward?Tom's Mom/Children/Madmen, Father Andrew/Nan/Bet, Henry VIII/Lord Chancellor/Miles
13.Who is tanned?Edward, The Hermit, The Thugs, Father Andrew
14.Who knows the whereabouts of the Great Seal?Edward, Nan, Bet, Father Andrew
15.Who said, "An thou wilt but let him to bed, father, rest and sleep will heal his madness: prithee, do"?Edward, Nan, Bet, Father Andrew
16.Who said, "How dar'st thou use the king my father's meanest subject so"?Edward, Nan, Bet, Father Andrew
17.Who said, "Rest thy small jaw, my child, I talk the language of these base kennel-rats like to a very native"?Edward, Nan, Bet, Father Andrew, John Canty
18.Who said, "Then shall the king's law be law of mercy, from this day, and never more be law of blood"?Edward, Nan, Bet, Father Andrew, Tom Canty
19.Who teaches Tom Latin?Edward, Nan, Bet, Father Andrew
20.Why did one man lose his ears?For speaking against the Lord Chancellor, For speaking Latin, For speaking French For speaking English
21.Why did the hermit want to kill Edward?Edward's dad is the reason he's not the pope, Edward doesn't respect him, Edward knocked him down
22.Why did Tom start acting like a prince?Father Andrew's stories, His reading, His friends talked like that
23.Why does one man ask to be hanged?He was sentenced to be: drawn & quartered, boiled alive,  drowned
24.Why does the king want the Great Seal?To kill: his wife, his Lord Chancellor, the Duke of Norfolk
25.Why is the seal important?It proves: England is best, Edward is the true king, Nutcrackers are needed, Edward is a pauper

Study online at password marktwain


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